VeloCloud (The VMWare SD-WAN) ได้รับรางวัล 2019 Unified Communications Product of the Year

It gives me great pleasure to honor VeloCloud, now part of VMware, as a 2019 recipient of TMCs Unified Communications Product of the Year Award for their innovative solution, VMware SDWAN, said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “Our judges were very impressed with the ingenuity and excellence displayed by VMware in their groundbreaking work on VMware SDWAN.”

VMware SD-WAN enables the deployment of unified communications by providing ease of network configuration and control of network characteristics that affect UC performance. Specific features include:

  • Application Recognition and Smart Business Policies: Built in application recognition and smart default identifies UC traffic flows and provides proper treatment, including bandwidth management, traffic steering, and link conditioning. Customers benefit from easy deployment and quick rollout of new UC applications and gain full visibility into traffic and network characteristics that may impact UC applications.
  • Dynamic Application Steering: Constantly monitors all available links for conditions that will affect UC performance and make sub-second routing decision to steer UC traffic on a packet-by-packet basis. Customers benefit from consistent UC performance over any type of connectivity—broadband or hybrid WAN.
  • On Demand Link Conditioning: Applying link-conditioning techniques to provide up to full packet replication to mitigate the effect of packet loss or reduce the effect of jitter. Customers benefit from consistent UC performance over any type of connectivity— ordinary broadband or hybrid WAN.

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