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Use case

Deliver uncompromised Unified Communications experience.

Do not allow the degradation in link quality impact the UC quality of experience. The ideal WAN solution for UC enables the enterprise to leverage Internet to increase the WAN bandwidth at a lower cost, while providing the high quality UC experience demanded by the users.


Without BranchConnect @ 2% Packet Loss


2% Packet Loss with BranchConnect SD-WAN

Above is an example of high definition video conference while the network is experiencing a 2% of packet loss. The left screen shows the poor video quality without BranchConnect. The artifact makes this this video conference unbearable.

The right screen shows the same video conference going through the BranchConnect SD-WAN solution. The on-demand link conditioning mitigates the impact of packet loss and ensures high video quality. This enables enterprises to leverage the Internet to roll out rich media UC applications which demand high bandwidth and reliable WAN.